Item Infos

Excellent Spirit Pants

Armor: 35
Durability: [53/53]
Strength available: 100
Agility available: 180

Class: Fairy Elf

Size: 2 x 2

Luck Option:

Luck (success rate of Jewel of Soul +25%%)
Luck (critical damage rate +5%%)

Excellent Option:

Increase Maximum Life by 4%
Increase Maximum Mana by 4%
Decreases Damage by 4%
Reflect Damage by 5%
Increases Defense Success Rate by 10%
Increases the amount of Zen acquired for hunting monsters by 30%

Jewel of Harmony Option

Defense increase +3
Max. AG increase +0
Max. HP increase +0
Life auto increment increase +0
Mana auto increment increase +0
Defense success rate increase(PVP) +0
Damage decrement increase +0
SD ratio increase +0

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