Item Infos

Ceto's Ring of Earth

Durability: [65/65]
Earth resistance: 1
Minimum level required: 38

Class: All Class

Size: 1 x 1

Set Option:

Increase strength +(5/10)

Increase attribute damage

Luck Option:

Luck (success rate of Jewel of Soul +25%%)
Luck (critical damage rate +5%%)

Ceto's Set

Ceto's Rapier
Ceto's Vine Helm
Ceto's Vine Pants
Ceto's Vine Gloves
Ceto's Vine Boots
Ceto's Ring of Earth

Set Info:

2 Set option
Increase Agility+ 10
3 Set option
Increase Max. Life+ 50
4 Set option
Increase Defense+ 20
5 Set option
Increase defense when using shield+ 5%
6 Set option
Increase Energy+ 10
Increase Max. Life+ 50
Increase Strength+
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