Item Infos

Apollo's Ring of Magic

Durability: [65/65]
Minimum level required: 47

Class: All Class

Size: 1 x 1

Set Option:

Increase energy +(5/10)

Luck Option:

Luck (success rate of Jewel of Soul +25%%)
Luck (critical damage rate +5%%)

Apollo's Set

Apollo's Skull Staff (A)
Apollo's Pad Helm (A)
Apollo's Pad Armor (A)
Apollo's Pad Pants (A)
Apollo's Pad Gloves (A)
Apollo's Ring of Magic (A)
Apollo's Pendant of Ice (A)

Set Info:

2 Set option
Increase Energy+ 10
3 Set option
Increase Wizardry Damage+ 5%
4 Set option
Increase Skill Damage+ 10
5 Set option
Increase Max. Mana+ 30
6 Set option
Increase Max. Life+ 30
7 Set option
Increase Maximum AG+ 20
Increase Critical Damage Chance+ 10
Increase Excellent Damage Chance+ %
Increase Energy+
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